Susensoft is an information technology consulting firm based in Texas. Founded in 2005, Susensoft has developed a reputation for uncompromising quality and service. We strive to maintain this reputation by employing and developing only the most talented professionals in a creative and empowering work environment.

In today's constantly changing business climate, companies are facing new challenges and seeking new ways to remain competitive. While advances in technology have enabled companies to become more efficient when interacting with customers, suppliers, and internal operations, it is difficult for them to stay current in all areas of their business. Susensofthas the experience and expertise to help our clients overcome these challenges.

We specialize in helping companies achieve their business objectives through the innovative use of technology. Whether building a custom system to meet our client's unique business needs or integrating an existing software system, we focus on delivering a scalable, extensible solution that meets the current business requirements and allows for future expansion of the business.

By focusing on solving real business problems using Microsoft technologies, Susensoftis able to rapidly deliver the most effective solutions to customers both large and small. This ongoing commitment to the business needs of our clients is built into our corporate culture, and has made Susensoft one of the fastest-growing companies in USA and INDIA.

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