Susensoft helps clients assess where they currently are and develop a plan for reaching their business goals through technology improvements.

Billions of dollars are wasted each year on technology that is either never used or is out of sync with overall strategic business objectives. Susensoft has the integrity and fortitude to ask the hard questions before jumping into a technology project.

Using a structured methodology based on years of experience, we guide clients through a formal process including:


Susensoft Project Managers and Technical Architects work with clients to assess their existing software applications, infrastructure, and computing environment. This assessment can focus on any combination of competitive analysis, design analysis, performance analysis, or functional analysis. Each assessment produces tangible deliverables that document all trouble indicators, identify the causes of the trouble, and provide recommended corrective actions. This type of service is particularly valuable for clients with existing and aging technology environments.


Most modern organizations make significant investments in technology yet seldom plan more than a year ahead. They often underestimate the full cost of maintaining the technology they have purchased or fail to plan for its termination. Every piece of hardware and software has a predictable useful lifespan and must inevitably be upgraded or replaced. Susensoft helps companies create a comprehensive technology plan that fits into their overall business strategy to effectively manage their technology investment over five to ten years. We assist our clients in understanding and determining total cost of ownership, maintenance, support, upgrades, depreciation, and replacement of their technology assets. Susensoft also works with organizations to prepare requests for proposal and actively participates in third-party vendor evaluations.

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