Companies increasingly rely on the Web as their gateway to the outside world. Many organizations depend on the Internet to market themselves, share information, and sell products or services online. As corporate Web sites mature, the amount of information they contain grows exponentially, making it almost impossible to manage. For those organizations that still rely on a single person or department to publish information to their Web site, this problem is exacerbated, often resulting in an outdated and ineffective Web presence.

Susensoft helps companies overcome this challenge by implementing state-of-the-art content management solutions that help businesses manage and publish content to their Web sites. A Content Management System (CMS) allows an organization to safely distribute the responsibility of managing and updating content to those people and departments who are accountable for it in the first place. It provides the necessary tools to develop and manage the pages, content, and graphics that make up a corporate Web site, route them through the appropriate channels for authorization, and publish them to the Web.

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