In today's increasingly connected and complex business environment, the delivery of a product or service involves collaboration with internal operations as well as outside partners. To enable and accelerate this collaboration, companies depend on information technology (IT). Unfortunately, most IT systems are constructed from a mix of off-the-shelf applications, customized in-house systems, and sophisticated middleware infrastructures. These systems are often deployed on a mix of platforms, do not incorporate integrated workflow, and do not readily communicate with one another.

Susensoft provides companies with the Business-To-Business (B2B) integration and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) expertise to merge these diverse data and information sources into a seamless and coherent framework. Our highly trained professionals have the knowledge and experience to develop integration solutions that are dependable, scalable, and open, and provide the flexibility needed for future growth. The benefits of integrated solutions include increased employee productivity, a reduction of transaction costs and communication errors, and a lowering of systems management, maintenance, and production costs.

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