Susensoft is a learning organization.

Susensoft’s employee training and mentorship programs are a key component of introducing and acclimating new employees to Susensoft’s unique corporate culture and expanding their level of technical and business expertise.

The professional development of our people is one of the most valuable investments we make each year. Susensoft emphasizes the importance of education through our employee-led Susensoft University and more formal curricula.

All of our employees have annual certification and training goals to keep them challenged and up to speed on the latest technological advances.

Formal training is not the only avenue to increased knowledge and experience. Our consultants help solve complex business issues with clients in real business settings, gaining invaluable insight to the ways technology and business processes interact.

Whether our employees prefer to remain hands-on technologists or make a transition into project management, Susensoft Technologies provides the career path to meet their professional objectives.

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