The key to great customer service is employee empowerment.

At Susensoft, the first question we ask ourselves before making a business decision is “Is it right for the customer?” In fact, this question drives every aspect of our corporate culture. Researching and delivering what’s right for our customers has been central to Susensoft’s success since we were founded in 1993.

To achieve and sustain customer success, Susensoft has taken the road less traveled: employee empowerment. This philosophy gives Susensoft employees several important capabilities, including the ability to respond intelligently and independently to customer needs, and make critical decisions on-the-spot. Most importantly, empowerment leads to higher levels of employee satisfaction and retention, and therefore, long-term, high-quality customer service.

As a result, the answer to the question “Is it right for the customer?” is not contained in a company policy or procedures manual. Instead, we encourage all of our employees to be independent thinkers, self-starters, and confident decision-makers. To foster this objective, Susensoft screens and hires new employees carefully, then develops and supports them in its unique culture of empowerment.

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