Sr. RF Engineer

Skills Needed: MSEE. Exp. in UMTS design & optimization, 4GL networks, & Telecom standards such as GSM, CDMA, EVDO etc.

Conduct RF coverage prediction, Frequency planning, Link budget and traffic analysis.System dimensioning for coverage and capacity planning, site identification, evaluation and zoning support, interference analysis and optimization,in Cell -Site Designing, Identifying coverage holes and solving Zoning issues.Tuning RF parameters compliances,prepare route for site cluster optimization, Turning up new sites and optimizing the existing network, Measured forward link throughput, Average Ping Latency, Ping Failure rate. Intra-cell handoff verification, Special test case (site with repeaters) for Site level optimization.

Discover Activities Identify project deliverables Develop time and cost rough grade estimates Establish business goals and priorities
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